Important Information about – Viability of your motel

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It will be necessary to read the following paragraph to prepare yourself for the program.

The Viability program comes in two sections.

  1. Freehold calculation from the 2014 Profit & Loss on Aston Hill Motor Lodge Port Macquarie which verifies that a motel can trade within the benchmark parameters within the program.
  2. Leasehold calculation from the 2019 Profit & Loss on a typical country motel.

About the Program:

  • Designed for Motel Owners, Accountants, Finance Providers, Motel Brokers, and Developers requiring a transparent financial analysis of motels from proven benchmarks collected over the past 20 years.
  • Reports have been constructed to assist motel operators analyse their motel and locate any discrepancies.
  • The program is constructed in Microsoft Excel 2016.
  • Best results are obtained by using a wide computer screen¬†giving access to explanations shown down the right-hand side of the page in blue text.

The current version number for the Leasehold version is 132.