1. Your Suitability

Before you can operate a motel you need to know if you have the temperament to handle the day-to-day rigors of a motel existence. Assess what we consider are key attributes required in being able to meet the continuous demands of operating a motel. Click here to Download Suitability Questionnaire

To assess this - ask yourself these 10 questions. Answer with a yes or no

  1. Have you assessed your financial situation and know your financial limits in purchasing a motel?
  2. The commitment is 7 days per week from 6am in the morning to at least 9pm in the evenings and up to midnight if a restaurant is included in the business
  3. Do you possess sales experience - the key attribute in owning a motel business is being able to sell rooms.
  4. Are you in good health? Your physical condition is just as important as your mental preparation.
  5. Have you ever used a computer and know the ins & outs of the internet.You need computer skills.
  6. Do you have the temperament and discipline to carry out the many and varied duties of running a motel and at the same time tolerate interruptions at any time?
  7. Do you enjoy and find it easy to communicate with people?
  8. Are you handy and able to repair basic items?
  9. You do not have a young family less than 7 years of age.
  10. Do you understand basic book-keeping procedures?

Result: If you have answered any question in the negative please investigate why. Discuss it with a friend who knows you very well who will be honest with you about your attributes and short comings.

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