About our Software

This specific software compiled in Microsoft Excel can be downloaded and used to reduce the time in assessing all ambits of a motel business.

It is designed to meet all levels of expertise with personal assistance packages to assist you in understanding the methodology in using the reports to assess a motel business.

An example of the software is available here as a starter.

Analysis of a typical country motel in Australia This software is Microsoft Excel 2003

The software allows you to insert a net profit figure you would expect from purchasing a motel Leasehold Business.
The program then calculates a buy price using Industry Benchmarks. It also assists you evaluating the finance cost and much more.
If you do not place the net profit figure in the program the software allows you to enter on the next page actual figures on a motel you may be inspecting, again it will calculate parameters on Benchmark averages.
You cannot rely on this program for its accuracy because it is using Industry Benchmark averages and not specific data.
It is offered to you to for a quick assessment on whether you are in a financial position to investigate purchasing a motel and what a typical motel will return for that price.

More Specialised Analytical Software:

This software is designed to make analysing a motel an easy exercise.
There is so much to remember that the program calculates this for you using acceptable proven benchmarks.
The software will be introduced to the pages of explanation when you need it.