Assessing the operation of a motel business:

Until recently Motel Assist gave seminars with specific content to assist in understanding how to operate a motel profitably.
The seminars have been replaced with a visit to Aston Hill to witness how a motel operates on a day to day basis.
From this experience, it can be established if life in a motel is for you.

Venue:      Aston Hill Motor Lodge Port Macquarie

Itinerary:  A weekend at Aston Hill Motor Lodge

Topics that may be considered if you are contemplating the purchase of a motel business:

  • Know your purchase limits
  • How to streamline your search with the right Motel Broker
  • Legal aspects to know when purchasing a Leasehold title in NSW
  • Purchase Process
  • How to navigate through the first 3 months of operation

Operations to witness in a motel in operation;

  • Preparing breakfasts
  • Cleaning rooms
  • Commercial laundry operation
  • Checking out of guests
  • How to Sell a room
  • Checking in a guest

Bottom Line - this is a transparent overview of a typical day's operation in a motel.

Visit Aston Hill Motor Lodge Port Macquarie

Consider visiting Aston Hill Motor Lodge in Port Macquarie and spend a weekend in the motel witnessing what it is like to work and live in a motel. Download information for this offer there is a cost for this offer.

There are no obligations, make sure you advise Annette that you would like the special viewers Motel Assist weekend rate.

Detailed training program available:

This program has been designed to assist a newcomer to the Industry and or established operator tools to increase the net profit and net worth of a motel.
The program is named A-System.
Click here to assess if the program will assist you.
It is comprehensive and requires you to visit Aston Hill Motor Lodge.

Included in the program is the introduction of software that harnesses the daily repetitious duties of operating a motel business.
Click here to witness what is offering in this new dynamic AAAA-System.