Motel Office Systems:

I have operated and analysed motels for over 20 years.
Motel Office Systems is the format used to assist me in delivering these systems.
Motel Assist is the glue bringing these suppliers together so you can tap into their resources.
Let me introduce you to these proven systems & their creators.

Aston Hill Motor Lodge: the place where the systems were trialled. go there

Allotz: A front office system go to website which harnesses [AI] Artificial Intelligence meeting daily repetitious duties required in the front office. [see links below]

Rapid Clean: A supply consortium with locally operated outlets across Australia. go there

Motel Assist A-SYSTEM: Analytic software that completely analyses the viability of a motel business establishing the capital worth of the motel business. view

Accounting Software: There are so many good programs to choose from. I have chosen Xero. go there

Insurance: A task that must be done every 12 months. I worked for an Insurance Company when I first left school in 1963, so I know the ropes. I now work with three reputable Insurance Brokers who will save you a great deal of time and I'm sure a reduced premium will follow.

Keeping it Simple: I have dedicated 20 years in formatting this approach in motel operations by tralling and fine tuning the systems before offering them.
You will not be disappointed in witnessing what I have built over the years, especially meeting the dedicated team of suppliers.

Kindest Regards,

Russ Dodson
Mobile 0428 668 357

Bottom Line: I can show you how to save time which firstly reduces wages, and then show you how to increase revenue with the simplicity of the front office software.

For interest I attach links to the brochures issued by Allotz:

  1. Construct a professional website linked to the following programs - see Aston Hill Motor Lodge active website
  2. Channel manager with Real-Time Revenue Management - view flyer
  3. Accommodation Cloud-based Management System - view flyer
  4. Smart booking engine linked to website - view flyer
  5. Virtual Revenue Management portal optimised for smartphones or other mobile devices - view flyer

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