7. Quick Guide

Quick Motel Purchasing Guide

This guide assists you by showing all relevant  software on one page.
Other sections of the site allow you to move through the processes depending on what involvement you decide upon.
Click on the highlighted text to be guided to information offered by this site.
You will notice that some of the software is restricted to Level 3 a symbol of [L3] is shown.

Life in a Motel      Are you suited for a life in a motel?
Finance                Before you commence your investigation you need to know how much to spend
Motel Broker        Contact Russ Dodson
Accountant           Contact Russ Dodson
Solicitor                Freehold or Leasehold motel - Contact Russ Dodson

Now that you have established your purchasing power and contacted a Broker you should have an idea to the type of motel business that is available in the market place.

Select The following articles and software

Golden Rules in Business        Please study these 14 mandatory rules
Freehold or Leasehold Title     If it is a Leasehold you must understand the complexities of a Hospitality long term lease.
All Areas Overview                  Download this sheet and use it for every inspection.
Inspect 5 Motels & Compare   [L3] Enter data and compare each motel you have inspected.
Business Plan                         A business plan template is here to download

Once you have selected a motel the following software is available for a more detailed analysis

Inspection Report                        A necessary report assessing all areas of compliance
Motel VIABILITY Health Check  [L3] A complete financial check on the viability of the Motel Business This is an assessment of Aston Hill Motor Lodge Port Macquarie
Sales Control                              A worksheet setting out a 12 week countdown from negotiation of price to completion

There is much more to carry out if you want to make sure your venture is safe and secure.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require a the full structure in what it takes to analyse the profitability of a motel business.

Contact Russ Dodson at Motel Assist

Mobile 0428 668 357 or russ@motelassist.com.au