Chains & Franchises

There are many Motel Chains & Franchises to assess:
We will list the most popular with links to their websites

Best Western
Choice Hotels Australasia
Country Haven
Golden Chain

Some chains such as Golden Chain are a marketing entity where Best Western and Choice extend their services to booking engines within the commercial grid.

Viability of Chain depends on the  size of your motel and how much you are prepared to spend to achieve the extra business.

If you own a 30 unit motel producing 7110 room nights on a 65% occupancy the following calculations will give you and idea the returns you should expect.

Being in a Chain you would have to expect at least 1500 of those rooms to be introduced by the chain.
Apply your average daily room rate to the introduction offsetting it against the chain fees.
For example ADR is $145.00 x 1500 = $217,500 and chain fees are $45,000. This is an acceptable profitable arrangement.

Every assessment is different and must be carried out with all factors in place.

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