3. Purchasing Process

Before you commence looking for a motel you must assess what you can comfortably afford to repay on the cash flow of the motel business.

  • Leasehold motels they will lend 40% to 50% of an independent valuation.
  • Freehold Motels they will lend up to 70% of an independent valuation.
  • Evidence will be required for at least 3 years previous Profit & Loss accounts submitted to the Taxation Office.
  • A forecast of how you are going to operate the motel and expected cash flow for the first three years of operation.

It is extremely important to assess your financial potential with a clear understanding that if you do not get your finance right two things may happen.

  1. Under-estimate your turnover and expenses your daily existence is stressful trying to keep up meeting the bills.
  2. Continual pressure will be on you to rectify the position or to sell the motel at possibly a loss.

Don’t forget to have additional funds in reserve if the motel is run down at the time of purchase.

Financial Assessment using our basic software:

If we use Industry benchmark percentages, a $300,000 Leasehold motel returns a 30% yield being $90,000 net before GST, owners wages and borrowing costs. The following software motel analysis will calculate a typical income and expense verifying the turnover and asking price, try it by clicking on the highlighted caption below and inserting $90,000.00 in the yellow box on the first page. This program is a spreadsheet prepared in Microsoft Excel 2016. Also, it may ask to activate macros which are in order because you are downloading this program knowing its author. - Now click on the download.

What is a typical country motel business worth?

Insert $90,000 in the yellow box on the front explanation page of the program being the income you would like to earn from the motel. The results of this entry will show the Leasehold price at $300,000 and the Freehold price at $562,500. Go to the explanation page and have a look at the margins and the stated rental which should give you an idea of what to expect from a motel at this price.

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Note Regarding Priority Software

Within this website, there is specialised software analysing motels in the workplace.
These worksheets have been refined to assist you in assessing the viability of motel businesses.
The free software supplied in the next four pages commencing 3. Location of Motel is ample to assess motels at a curiosity level.
Once you are ready, the special software does contain the relative information to make an informed decision.

We stand by our pledge that there is enough free information and software assistance to adequately assess a motel without paying for the subscription software.

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