Purchasing your Motel

25 years of data collection used in working analysis spreadsheets. These worksheets have been designed to assist you in assessing a motel by yourself.

To assist you through your assessment we have set out a menu on the right-hand side of the page listing steps to be taken to simplify the process.

AAoA [Accommodation Association of Australia] assist us in promoting the opportunity of visiting a motel to experience what it is like to live in and operate a motel.
A great opportunity to experience a no-obligation way to inspect a motel without a purchase commitment. visit motel >>

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In particular, the first six tabs will give you the basics to absorb.

  1. Your Suitability
  2. Health & Wellbeing
  3. Purchasing Process
  4. Location of Motel
  5. Motels listed for sale
  6. Commence Inspections
  7. Quick Guide

Starting your journey

Commence your search by selecting  Your Suitability.

move onto: Your Suitability to Run a Motel