Housekeepers Assessment

You have to start somewhere and the best way is for each housekeeper assess their own work.
To assist them in doing this a Room Attendant's Self Assessment sheet has been prepared.

The idea is to test the surfaces cleaned to see if they are clean and if not what the residue is.
They can apply the rating system to all the surfaces and total the points to retain for later evaluation to see if the system is working.

In a lot of cases we have ascertained that the cleaning duties are being performed but the incorrect cleaning chemical is being applied.

Under no circumstances are we trying to sell strong harmful cleaning chemicals, we want to introduce you to a proven cleaning system that will work for you reducing your cleaning time and costs.

Download - Room Attendants Self Assessment

Download - Room Attendants Procedures Manual

If you are interested in this proven system we will show you on other pages the unique application process and specific cleaning chemicals that have been created to harmonise the system to be a winner.