Application Process

We have created an illustrated cleaning application guide on how the correct diluted cleaning chemical is applied to the surface to be cleaned.

The two main cleaning chemicals we are introducing swing from being slightly acidic to slightly alkaline.
Getting this right  increases the cleaning efficiency and preserves the surface you are cleaning.

Download - Motel Room Cleaning Application

Download - Dangers of using chlorinated cleaners

A quick brief on the chemicals used in the cleaning process:

  1. Aqua Strip: This is an alkaline solution that dissolves body fat and soap scum. Being alkaline it will not attack the mortar between the tiles. This product is squirted onto the cleaning surface NOT SPRAYED.
  2. Aqua Spray: Again an alkaline solution, the difference is that it can be sprayed and when wiped will not streak and has anti-static qualities.
  3. Lemon Fresh Commercial Grade Disinfectant: A disinfectant retaining its disinfecting capabilities at a dilution rate of 20:1 in clean potable water.
  4. Aqua Cling: An acidic toilet bowl cleaner and a scale remover in the shower recesses.
  5. Aqua Descaler: A strong acidic chemical which dissolves calcium buildup before your eyes.

We find in the market place the operators requesting one cleaning chemical to do all the cleaning. Well, we can assure you that our system uses the minimum chemicals required to maximise the cleaning effect having the most increased speed for the cleaning process.

Print off the sheet an familiarise yourself with the applications.

To introduce this system to your motel an obligation free demonstration is recommended which takes about 15 minutes.

 A video will be constructed and be available soon.