Information will be constructed on 3 levels.

1. Laundries using 7.5kg washing machines and compatible dryers - using powder
2. Laundries -  front loading commercial machines & dryers - using powder.
3. Laundries -  front loading commercial machines & dryers - with chemical injection dispenser.

From our experience at Aston Hill Motor Lodge we provide stain information work sheets with tips on how to remove the stains by using existing Aqua room cleaning chemicals in the first instance.

Different work sheets will be added as we build the site being .pdf files which can be downloaded, printed and kept in the laundry.

  1. Stains Download using Aqua room cleaning chemicals + solutions and methods to remove other stains.
  2. Stains Download using Aqua cleaning chemicals  + substituting a range of cleaning chemicals from RapidClean to remove other stains.

Laundry Operation Costings:
We have constructed spreadsheets allowing you to cost your wash when using  chemical injection equipment.
These programs will be available at level [L3] - currently under construction (22/12/12)

The chemicals and procedures supplied in the stain removable worksheets are guides only. Some of the chemicals listed are dangerous. If you do not have a reasonable knowledge of using chemicals in a stain situation it is advised to seek assistance from somebody who has the experience.

For Example, if a chlorinated bleach is mixed with an acid solution a dangerous gas is omitted.

Always study the Material Safety Data Sheets provided with the chemical.