Front Office

This is in the Reception area where you set up booking software systems to assist you and your staff to quickly check-in/check-out your guests and record important information for marketing.

Gone are the days where you cannot leave the operation of the motel because you will lose business. Your business should be geared for you to leave it at any time.
The reception has daily repetitious functions which computers are ideal for.

Computer Hardware:

It is all very well to load a new program, however, you have to make sure that the computer system is compatible with the software.
Unfortunately, this is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to compliant computer systems.

Computers are a must within a modern motel. They are required for:

  1. Booking program in Font office
  2. Email for online inquiries
  3. Internet high-speed VPN cable connection for guests
  4. Maintenance follow-up
  5. Accounting - in Back Office
  6. Wage control
  7. Security Camera Control
  8. Wi-Fi
  9. VoIP on-line telephone systems
  10. Laundry Solar grid costing and water tank usage
  11. Internet connection to smart TVs
  12. Template systems stored in Microsoft Excel and Word
  13. Guest Computer including Skype for overseas travellers

All the above computer systems are operating at  Aston Hill Motor Lodge Port Macquarie and can be assessed within your programmed visit.
Properly set up computers take the labour out of the repetitious daily duties and value add with staff training built-in to most programs. A motel with a properly operating system will outsell any other motel that does not have computer proficient systems.