Motel Viability Check

To download a current version of this complex software you will require L3 access.
click here to download the currently active software. The viability program is an Excel spreadsheet which analyses the operation and capitalised worth of an established motel business. The Leasehold version examines a recent assessment of a typical Australian country motel.

To view an example of a report of Aston Hill Motor Lodge Port Macquarie within the VIABILITY of your motel program in a .pdf format. There are two formats. Freehold Title and Leasehold Title.

View Leasehold Title Report:  VIABILITY Report v132_COVID Version
Click on the link above and a 48-page report will appear which is a total Viability analysis of the Aston Hill Motor Lodge Port Macquarie.
It is comprehensive but sections can be separated to meet your demands.

View Freehold Title [Earlier Version] click here
The Freehold version is not in demand as much as the Leasehold version, so this viewing is sufficient to show the report format.