Operating your motel

Information is available in streamlining the operation of your motel business, being country motels from 8 to 32 rooms without a restaurant are focussed upon.
Two levels of software have been developed to assist in the acquisition and operating of a motel business.
Note: Both software programs are constructed in Microsoft Excel - to add data click on "Enable Editing" at the top of the program.

Software showing priority points to look for when inspecting a motel. view or download software
Software developed to assess the viability or profitability of a motel business. VIABILITY Report v132_COVID Version
Click here to download an inspection sheet highlighting the areas you should address first before commencing this report.


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Motel Operating System: MOS [A division of Motel Assist]

MOS is a unique collection of software that is installed in a motel that reduces the time it takes to carry out the many daily repetitious tasks carried out in a motel business.
We have created a training program in how to install the software to operate a motel by reducing operating time, simplify the process of applying systems and increase revenue. It's a no brainer
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