Top Ten Email Tips

It is very important for a motel to have a robust email system in the front office (Reception Area) so we have set out 10 tips for you to consider when managing email to and from your motel.  When embarking on an email campaign, we also suggest you use one of the large email campaign service such as MailChimp who will help you send better emails to your customers.

The Top 10 email tips:

  1. Don’t use long subject lines in your email campaigns

When deciding on a subject line for your next email campaign, remember that this will be the first thing your customers will see in their inbox. A good subject line should spark your customers' interest to open the email. We recommend keeping the subject line to fewer than 40 characters including spaces.

  1. Don’t bore your email recipients with long paragraphs

When writing for email marketing, remember that your readers will most likely scan the content first and if it interests them, they will read on. To ensure your message gets through effectively, you need to make your point as concise as possible. For more information, they can view it on your website.

  1. Don’t expect recipients to read your emails regularly if there's nothing in it for them

The biggest challenge for any email marketer is getting customers to read your emails regularly. Ensure the content of your emails brings value to your database, e.g. include free travel tips in your email, top ten things to see or do in the region, or a discount for their next booking.

  1. Don’t try to achieve a direct sale every time

Sometimes generating a lead from an email campaign can be far more successful than going for the hard sell.

Depending on what it is you’re promoting in your email campaigns, the generation of a qualified lead - whether it's a phone enquiry, a customer downloading your top travel tips or filling out an expression of interest form - can provide very good results.

  1. Track and analyse everything

To fully understand the real success of your email marketing campaigns, you need to analyse your open rates, bounce rates and click through rates to work out what works and what doesn't work. Your email system should have a reporting function which lets you analyse the success of your emails.

We recommend you set yourself some benchmarks you would like to achieve. For example, achieve an open rate of above 20%. You can also consider getting a dedicated phone number for your emails so you can track the calls generated from your email marketing.

  1. Don’t send email campaigns without testing them first

Always send yourself a test email to see how your emails look in different email clients, for example, in hotmail, gmail, yahoo, outlook before you send it to your clients.

Send the email to a friend so they can check and see how the email displays in their email client. Once you're assured that the email views correctly in all relevant email clients, you can send it with confidence. Remember an email campaign that views badly in a customer’s inbox will reflect badly on your business.

  1. Don’t send untargeted emails

Use information about your customers captured in your database to target the right message to the right customer. The more relevant the message is, the better your chances are of achieving campaign success. You can use the reporting function in your email system to view exactly what links your customers have clicked on. Use this information to segment your customer database into what they are interested in or send your customers a survey asking them for details on their interests. You can better provide them with a product and service that is relevant to their needs if you have this information.

  1. Don’t spam your customers

Ensure you are not sending your email campaigns to the same customers too frequently. Receiving too many emails from the same sender within a short period of time can reduce the likelihood of that customer opening future emails from you. You will need to find a fine balance when planning the regularity of your campaigns in order to achieve the highest open rate and lowest unsubscribe rate.

Remember email campaigns sent too frequently will just be deleted, or worse, they will unsubscribe.

  1. Don’t expect your database to grow miraculously by itself

Getting potential customers to opt-in and receive your email campaigns is a process you must continually work towards. Some ways of gathering emails include having competitions on your website and viral campaigns (e.g. forward this email to 5 friends to enter our draw for a free night's accommodation). Remember a growing database is a good sign of healthy marketing activity.

  1. Don’t cut corners when designing an email campaign

Good design and layout is the key to customers absorbing your marketing message. When creating your email campaign and positioning the images (if you have any) or text, be sure to consider these factors:

  • can be viewed in the recipients email preview pane.
  • Look to have a good ratio between white space and text as this will mean the customer is more likely to read it.
  • The positioning of images alongside text will also break up the layout of the email and give the reader a snapshot of what they are about to read.
  • Position your primary message, whether it is an image or text, in a position which is likely to be
  • Remember an email campaign with the right amount of white space gives the reader the perception they can find what is relevant to them quickly

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