Tips for buying motels

I have not met Andrew, however what he offers in his article is sound and reasonable assessment of what the Industry offers you. When assessing an Industry always factor in the future operation of the Industry, in particular will it be affected by the Internet.

Yes, motels will be affected and for good reason because it will make motels more transparent in what the property is like and how you are perceived by your guests.

There are a collection of booking websites encouraging guests to post reviews on their experience at the motel. These reviews are setting a new standard within the Industry and if you are a dedicated operator you will thrive under these conditions.

However, other Industries are competing with the Internet and so far they have been loosing the battle because people can bypass their business and purchase products on more competitive terms.

Within our website we offer information assisting you to streamline your purchase. I have been involved in real estate investments for over 35 years and my success is placing "POSITION" above all. If it is the Motel Industry you choose, make sure you select a town with future growth and select the best position money can buy within that town.

I won't say Good Luck, because you will not need it.

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