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Subscribed Membership - Level 3:

Contains extremely detailed information, this area allows unrestricted access to the entire motel assist website.
Because the information is specific we have to remind you that it is INFORMATION and not advice.
This information must be supplied to your professional advisors enabling them to advise you the best course of action to take.

You have access to:

  • an extensive range of Motel financial due diligence software including Capitalised Valuation formulas
  • detailed information for motel acquisition, construction, operation issues with asset splitting of the motel business and freehold titles when considering selling & much more
  • access to leading authorities within the Motel Industry offering their professional service and advice
  • Motel Broker listings - participating motel brokers offer their best listings which are updated weekly
  • Personal assistance from our team - direct access to this page by clicking the entry
  • About our team - only available after you have logged in.

Annual membership is $95.00 inc GST per year and can be paid easily by Credit Card or PayPal through the secure PayPal link below: