Pick of the reports

The following reports have been collected at random as I assess areas and motels. It is the collecting of data that I have grouped for you to sift through under the heading of Running a Motel.
I'm collecting information all the time so, I consider this format as good as any until a find a better way of filing it.

The reports are of various ages but still relevant to today. The Motel Makeover Guide is 10 years old as an example.

1.Through the Eyes of a Guest
2.Getting it right before you are committed
3.Priority_A - Premium Corporate Customer Program
4.Fact Sheet - ReviewPro
5.Responding to Reviews
6.Links to a Victorian Government website giving general knowledge and assistance into entering and assessing the Accommodation Industry
7.Webpage Ideas - James
8.Strategies for climbing Trip Advisor Rankings
9.Port Macquarie-Hastings Destination Visitor Research Report Executive Summary-23054718
11.Motel Makeover Guide-final

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