Understanding the VIABILITY Check Program

If you are considering upgrading your motel and need to witness what we have been doing at Aston Hill Motor Lodge, come and spend a day with us.
There is no obligation, just a trip to Port Macquarie, and spend a weekend at the motel.
Click here for more information or Russ Dodson on mobile 0428 668 357 for more information.

Click here to go to commence on Maximising the Viability of your motel. [L3 level requires a subscription] This area deals in detail in what must be considered when upgrading your motel to become more profitable.

Overview of Motel available to assess the Industry:

  • Aston Hill Motor Lodge Port Macquarie  www.astonhillportmacquarie.com.au
  • 16 motel rooms and 5 dual key units with a 3 bedroom apartment
  • Conference facilities
  • In-house automated laundry
  • Latest front office technology with AI "Artificial Intelligence" features
  • Cleaning systems reducing time and cost by up to 30%
  • See the A-SYSTEM in action

All systems installed have been exhaustively trialled with templates of the system's diagnostics recorded. The motel is open to visit and witness the operation. It is available anytime you want to visit, however, if you require a guided tour this will have to be arranged preferably on weekends. There is a cost for this instruction. A weekend at Aston Hill Motor Lodge

 Assistance Modules Offered:

  1. Brief on [VIABILITY of your motel]: click here for a template worksheet overview of the program.
    This brief is a complete analysis of Aston Hill Motor Lodge Port Macquarie.
  2. Brief on MAXIMISING the VIABILITY of your motel. Click here to view this explanation.


Russ Dodson