Experience a day in Aston Hill Motor Lodge

Visit Aston Hill Motor Lodge


The program is designed for two people, requiring you to spend two nights in the motel.
Arrive in the evening for the first night and experience a night in the motel assessing the ambience of the motel and what the room has to offer.

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Morning Activity

  • The next morning you will witness the preparation of breakfasts and assist in the delivery of the breakfasts.
  • Understand the day-end roll-over to commence the day’s transactions
  • Witness how the rooms are stripped and the linen taken to the commercial laundry in preparation for washing and drying.
  • Witness the procedures in how a bathroom and room are cleaned.
  • See how the Guest checkout procedure works using a computerised front office system.
  • Visit the laundry to check how the laundering process is going.
  • Discuss the kitchen systems cleaning up after preparation of breakfasts.
  • Morning Tea
  • Close off the checkout procedure with the computerised front office system
  • Check the grounds to make sure that all is in place and it is neat & tidy.
  • Complete a daily system check of key infrastructure in operation around the motel
  • Visit rooms to establish with the Housekeepers that all cleaning is completed
  • Break for lunch

Afternoon  Activity

  • Enter all transactions for that morning into the relevant computer programs such as milk used, linen delivered, mini-bar stock also top up mini-bar stock in all rooms.
  • Visit the park and pool area to make sure Pool & BBQ are clean.
  • Check motel stock levels and place orders if necessary.
  • Afternoon Tea 
  • Witness the check in procedure to see how a room is sold to a "walk in" or telephone enquiry.
  • Commence checking in guests

During the day there will be many interruptions being future guests arranging their bookings by telephone or email, you must check the emails regularly for bookings. During the week many company representatives call offering goods.

We will show you the back office accounting system and discuss all the other duties that fit into that weekly cycle.

An important area to assess is the on-line booking system which is now accounting for over 50% of the motel’s revenue.

The Cost: 

$475.00 for a day and two nights in the motel including accommodation and breakfast.

The sessions are limited to a maximum of two couples for the viewing session preferably being over

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  1. This is a great experience and I would recommend this activity before taking the plunge into your own Motel business.

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