Maximise the VIABILITY [or net profit] of your Motel

To maximise the viability of your motel we investigate four proven options installed in Aston Hill Motor Lodge together with links to a new training program at the bottom of this page. [Tip: In a link destination, if you click on the X at the top right corner of the page you may leave the website. Look for a in top left of the page to return to the previous page]

  1. Assess what a motel has to offer without major alterations:

    If you have just purchased a motel, try and maintain the existing systems as long as possible before introducing or modifying them.
    The first change introduced into Aston Hill was to up-grade our Corporate Rooms. We chose the name Prestige Rooms have a look and installed features requested by the corporate guests who regularly visit our motel.

  2. Front Office:

    We installed the Allotz software which covers four areas in Channel Management, Bookings, Property Management and Smart Phone communication.
    a. The system is so easy to use and only took the girls minimal time to operate it.
    b. Seamless booking communication the corporate guest, their office or employer.
    c. Quick & streamlined check-in and check-outs.
    d. Provide high-speed reliable internet.
    e. Movie channels.
    f. Coffee machine with superior beverages.

  3. Room Design:

    a. Select a room that has the size to accommodate a queen or king bed.
    b. Have the lighting professionally adjusted to allow night paperwork and being able to view the TV at the same time.
    c. Install quality inclusions.
    It is recommended to view the completed rooms at Aston Hill to appreciate the effect carried out on a minimum budget.

  4. Marketing:

    Explore the Motel Assist A-System Check it out which points out and controls all facets of what to expect when operating a motel.

  5. Introduction of a Training Program:

    With extensive information in the Motel Assist website and radical changes taking place due to the Internet we considered it necessary to produce a training program allowing motel operators to keep up with changes.
    The systems we provide are working within the motel with exception to the 24/7 system which is set to be installed this month.

    Please go to our Motel Operating System page introducing the program. go there