Cleaning a Motel Shower

Attach the wash down hose to the basin tap and squirt a fine jet of cold water over the tile walls. If the wall beads and runs from the tiles then there is evidence of a build up.

Bathroom Application

Turn the shower squirt button upside down and from about shoulder height squirt the cleaner onto the wall you intend to clean and with a scrubber spread evenly working down to the floor

Stripping of severe build up – Use Aqua Strip: in neat solution in a squirt bottle and apply as shown in the diagram on the left hand side of the chart.

Spread the residue cleaner on the floor also make sure the soap holder and taps have been wiped with the scrubber. WAIT FOR 2 MINUTES

Daily Application – Diluted at 5:1 as shown on side of an application bottle. You squirt the chemical on by squirt bottle, wash down with water and let dry while attending to other duties. Check for streaks and wipe down with clean cloth using Aqua Spray @ 10:1 if necessary.

Cleaning shower screen glass – Same as above – after the glass dries check for streaks and wipe with clean cloth using Aqua Spray.

With the wash down hose attached to the basin tap (step1) wash away the cleaning chemical with cold water. Make sure all traces of the cleaner are washed down the drain

Disinfecting Shower Recess Floor & Taps when you are satisfied that the shower recess is clean spray the floor and shower taps with Commercial Grade Disinfectant at 20:1 and leave to dry – under no circumstances wipe the surface sprayed for at least 10 minutes.

Wiping all Other areas in the bathroom Aqua Spray Dilution 10:1 Apply by spray & wipe method using a soft cloth.

Toilet Bowl – Use Aqua Cling Toilet Bowl Cleaner Dilution 5:1 Invert squirt bottle and squirt up and under rim – agitate internal area with toilet brush – half flush toilet. Repeat procedure and leave chemical in the bowl – do not flush the toilet. Wipe external areas with Aqua Spray dilution 10:1. – Optional: Spray Commercial Grade Disinfectant dilution 20:1 inside bowl and leave – do not flush.

The are cleaned should either be stripped of the build up or be partially cleaned, if partially cleaned the steps above will need to be repeated (1-4)

Floors – Spray the floor with Aqua Spray dilution between 10:1 and reverse mop. (Clean water in the mop bucket – rinse through rollers and remove chemical from floor – repeat process.) Replace water in bucket when colour of water demands.

Disinfecting Use Commercial Grade Disinfectant at 20:1 for a disinfectant to obtain full effect it must be left on the surface for a minimum of 8 – 10 minutes. The recommended dilution rate for this application is 20:1 (15ml to a Titan Squirt bottle) and the residue chemical must be discarded at the end of each working day.

Application – Squirt from spray bottle evenly onto the surface you intend to disinfect and leave to dry naturally. Remember the product you are spraying is virtually water any way so there is minimal chemical residue.

The shower recess is now clean and to finish will require a disinfectant application by spraying an disinfectant/air freshener on the taps and floor. A maximum of 5 squirts

Build Up inc. Calcium Minerals in Shower Recesses 

Use Aqua Cling Toilet Bowl Cleaner at dilution rate of 5:1 to 10:1

In some country areas the water is hard and requires an acidic cleaner, which the Aqua Cling is being a Phosphoric Acid solution. This cleaner is substituted either totally or on a designated – say weekly to control the mineral build up.

Application – Refer to the illustrated diagram. When finished wash down the shower recess with plenty of water the cleaner attacks the grout.

Cleaning Domestic Spa Baths Use Spa Cleaner 

A low foaming non-toxic chlorine free neutral pH cleaner that cleans and disinfects spas.

Application – Fill spa above jets and apply 50ml of Spa Cleaner to water - run spa for 10 minutes and drain and wash away residue with water. Wipe down with 125 Spray Clean 10:1 to remove any residue left.

Mould Use D-Mould Chlorinated Cleaner at dilution of 5:1. This is a chlorinated liquid that will bleach and damage clothing and carpet if spilled on those materials. Also care should be taken not to breath fumes in confined areas.

Application Spray directly onto the mould spores and scrub until removed – wipe clean or flush down with water.

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