Running a Motel

Running a motel on a day to day basis


Work health and safety From the 1st January 2012 Work health & safety is being reviewed, which is another area of a motel operation you must comply with. By now you can see the that it is important to become a member of AAoA Accommodation Association of Australia for guidance through this legislation. One areaContinue Reading

Preparing & Cooking food safely

Preparing & Cooking food safely

To prepare food in a motel today you are subject to strict training procedures. Each State has a controlling body, in NSW it is the NSW Food Authority The site is very informative and worth referring to when training staff. A page is under construction to direct each State to their respective controlling body. Studies showContinue Reading

E. Coli Facts

E. Coli Facts

Anybody who operates a motel must make everyone aware of this fellow. He is within us and can appear if certain disciplines are not in place. The article I have chosen should be printed and given to each staff member to read and be kept in the Housekeepers notes for a reminder. If you use the A-SYSTEMContinue Reading

Performance Measurement in Motels

I came across this article while searching the internet. I believe the content to be relevent today. It has enormous depth into the make-up of how those operating motels then & now make their motels work profitably. The bottom line in the thesis is that it is not difficult to operate a motel, it is how youContinue Reading


The A-SYSTEM is now incorporated within our new program VIABILITY of your motel an innovative way to assess your Motel’s Capitalised worth and business rating within Motel Industry benchmarks. The program requires minimal input to obtain a comprehensive health check of your motel business. The information required is: Profit & Loss Statements Business title ofContinue Reading