Running a Motel

Running a motel on a day to day basis

Pick of the reports

The following reports have been collected at random as I assess areas and motels. It is the collecting of data that I have grouped for you to sift through under the heading of Running a Motel. I’m collecting information all the time so, I consider this format as good as any until a find aContinue Reading

Why business websites fail

I am currently building a new website for my motel, so over the next few moths as I pick up information I will add it to this area. Incidentally Golden Chain are also rebuilding their website which should be very interesting to see what they come up with. I found this article in the MYOB websiteContinue Reading

Get more guests

I found this article in an on-line booking site Roomz. It made good sense and warrants a read. click here to view or download Article of Interest

7 Fundamentals in your motel

I came across this article on the Hotel and Resort website. When I investigated the site I found a lot more content that is worthwhile considering. Have look at the article which has a link to their website at the bottom of article. click here to view or download Article of Interest

Systems are essential to Business Efficiency

I recently came across this article which covers most of the popular front office systems for motel operations in Australia. click here to view or download Article of Interest One system that was not included is GuestPoint from the old Motelier program now part of Centium Software. I give you a link to their websiteContinue Reading

28 Best Practice Suggestions

I came across this article an extract from a conference held in Las Vegas in June 2011. The ideas introduced are relevant to our motel operations in Australia and I hope you find use from their discussion. click here to view or download Article of Interest  

Leasehold Motel Value – Basics

The article below attracted my attention by its simple straight forward logic broken down into four areas. I have created a basic program within Motel Assist to help me guide the anybody who is inquisitive in understanding the metrics in assessing a motel using Motel Industry Benchmarks. In my program I have applied general benchmark percentagesContinue Reading

Understand PCBU

To operate a business today you must comply with stringent obligations within WorkCover. This applies to all businesses and I want to make you aware of the seriousness of the situation if your motel does not comply. Of course if you are buying a motel you must know the extent the motel complies and if it doesContinue Reading

Full Motel Analysis [L3]

This program is the full analysis of a motel business and a lot more. Over the past 12 years I have been analysing motels and needed a worksheet to structure my reports. This report was constructed and over the time has received 136 modifications. It is doubtful that you will grasp the enormity of the reportContinue Reading

Inspect 5 Motels & Compare

This is priority software, which allows you to enter information on five motels. Figures have been inserted from actual comparisons for you to change to suit your motel. I suggest you download the original and copy it and use the copy to insert your data. The program has been prepared in Microsoft Excel 2003 whichContinue Reading