Purchasing Process

There are many stages within the purchasing process

Tips for buying motels

I have not met Andrew, however what he offers in his article is sound and reasonable assessment of what the Industry offers you. When assessing an Industry always factor in the future operation of the Industry, in particular will it be affected by the Internet. Yes, motels will be affected and for good reason becauseContinue Reading

Business Stuctures

When you are purchasing or selling careful consideration must be taken to what consequences are created in your actions. You cannot think of everything so it makes sense to approach a professional person and discuss your objectives. This article gives you an idea what to do and how important it is to forward plan anyContinue Reading

Great Information on Add Backs

I came across this article in my search for simplifying add backs for a client who was finding the explanation of certain items in the Profit & Loss account not being explained to the full extent. This explanation made it easier in the negotiation process by simply printing it and talking through it with the MotelContinue Reading

Motels as Passive investments

It has become apparent over the past 5 years that Motels are excellent investments. Choose the right motel and you can receive in excess of 8.5% per annum net return, emphasis is placed on “right motel” The following article gives you insight into how the Motel Industry has come of age with new internet marketing technology,Continue Reading

Negotiation & Price

If you are actively seeking a motel you will have to at some time negotiate to purchase a motel. An extremely daunting task. Anyone who endeavours to take on this task without assistance is foolhardy. You cannot use the Motel Broker who has intoduced you to the motel because his brief with the owner isContinue Reading

Add-Backs to Financial Statements

We apply add-backs or add-ons to all our Profit & Loss financial analysis statements. This is done to create a level playing field so you can compare one motel’s financials with another when similar add-back amounts apply to each statement. For example we apply $3000.00 per annum for the running of a motor vehicle inContinue Reading