Motel Worth

What Price Highlighted

I found this article describes the best way to assess the capitalised value of a motel, that is yield or return on investment. I have highlighted points of interest. It helps explain the logic behind the investigative software available in Motel Assist. View article by clicking on the following link. MA_What Price-Highlighted

Special Package

A special package to check the Viability and Financial Health of your motel is offered. The software assesses the financial viability of a motel warning if the motel falls outside proven Motel Industry Benchmarks. A fixed $190.00 cost assures you that you can obtain this knowledge and then investigate the Industry or improve the profitabilityContinue Reading

Great Information on Add Backs

I came across this article in my search for simplifying add backs for a client who was finding the explanation of certain items in the Profit & Loss account not being explained to the full extent. This explanation made it easier in the negotiation process by simply printing it and talking through it with the MotelContinue Reading

Establishing a market value for your motel

There are two sides to this article. Establishing a value to sell a motel Establishing a value to purchase a motel The factors for establishing a value is the same for both sides. Follow the simple formulas within this site and your selling and purchasing experiences will be less stressful. click here to review or downloadContinue Reading

Valuing a Motel [L3]

This article will give you an excellent understanding of how a motel is valued by a professional valuer. Ziggy Oliver is a pioneer in the terms of Motel Valuing and I  gratefully accepted him allowing me to present to you his proven method of valuing motels. click here to view or download Article of Interest