Aston Hill Management Criteria

When a 16 room 4 star motel with adjoining 6 units Apartment Building turns over $825,000 inc GST per annum you would have to say they must be doing something right.
Well, this page is linked to an interactive worksheet presented to those visiting the motel to see first hand on how these figures are obtained.

No doubt you have arrived to this page from that link and the worksheets and information are listed below for you to read or download.
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1. Managers Daily Duties in Brief
2. Manager's Detailed Duties
3. Checklist_Risk Management Essentials
4. Risk Management OHS,A, 18-8-2016
5. Lesson - Motel Room Cleaning
6. How to make the perfect bed
7. AHML-Thru the Eyes of a Guest
8. AHML - Management Centres Sep16