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20 years of information collected and gazetted about the Motel Industry together with specialised software allowing you to quickly assess the profitability of a motel business.

The site is divided into three areas Purchase-Operate-Sell as shown in the menu above – click on the tabs to view the content:

Free information can be downloaded containing an enormous amount of data and articles.

Levels of Entry:

There are two levels of entry: more about levels of entry

  1. Allows free entry to move around the site to view and download material that will be more than sufficient for you to understand the operation of a motel within the Australian Hospitality Industry.
  2. Pertinent detailed information is here to assist in the purchase, improvement of a motel’s profit or a selling structure when the time is right.
    A nominal annual subscription of $95.00 Inc. GST levied to meet the additional costs of preparing and keeping this information up to date.

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Is a system that makes it easy to work through the daily repetitious duties of operating a motel.

Therefore it saves time and money and most importantly gives staff direction and work satisfaction.

Please view an overview of the system