Important Information about – Viability of your motel

click here to go straight to the download. It will be necessary to read the following to prepare yourself for the program. The program comes in three sections.

  1. Freehold calculation from the 2014 Profit & Loss on Aston Hill Motor Lodge Port Macquarie which verifies that a motel can trade within the benchmark parameters within the program.
  2. Leasehold calculation from the 2014 Profit & Loss on Aston Hill Motor Lodge Port Macquarie. The data has been modified to show how a lease extension on a 20 year lease for a further 10 years to 30 years is calculated. Also in the on page 18 Applying Strategies where data has been inserted to show you the out-come if you increased the motel's revenue by 9% and reduced the expenses by 3%.
  3. An Open Program allowing you to insert data from a motel to be analysed.

About the Program:

  • Designed for Motel Owners, Accountants, Finance Providers, Motel Brokers and Developers requiring a transparent financial analysis of motels from proven benchmarks collected over the past 18 years.
  • Reports have been constructed to assist motel operators analyse their motel and locate the discrepancies themselves.
  • The program had to be constructed in Microsoft Excel 2013 due to the size of programming data. I tried to operate it in earlier versions of Excel, however the program failed saying - Too many different file formats.
  • The program is under 750kb in size being easy to download over the internet.
  • To obtain the best results from the program it is best to you use a wide computer screen which will show all the calculations plus access to explanations down the right hand side of the page shown in blue text. I can give you a link to acquire a wide monitor supplied by Dick Smith Electronics for around $150.00. It really transforms the program making it very easy to follow. click here to receive information.
  • When opening the program you may receive an alert about macros and provision for a password. A password is not required to enter the program, just click through. Macros are not required to operate the program, however if you require to print certain pages the macros have been put in place to enhance that operation.

The current version is number 59.

Benefits for the Motel Operator: Gives you the advantage of knowing what the professional observers see in a motel operation. Knowing this must place you in a better position to steer your business through the rapid changes that are taking place in our Industry.

My recommendation to motel operators on how to use the program: Email the program to your Accountant to insert your Profit & Loss financial statement into the Input section of the program. Once done, have them email back to you the program so you can access the content of the reports. I estimate that the insertion time for your Accountant would not exceed an hour. Once you have assessed the reports, if necessary arrange a meeting with your Accountant so you can discuss the results. From the reports I have received so far the communication levels between the Accountants and their clients has been most rewarding for all undertaking this exercise. The program has taken over five years to construct being updated regularly as data changes and people request modifications. I sincerely hope you benefit from the program.