About Priority Software

Many years have been spent fine tuning the programs constructed in Microsoft Excel providing an economical platform to download to your computer.

Examples of the software are prepared in Acrobat pdf format so you can see the detail in the analysis and comparison of the motels assessed.
The programs are contained in the Level 3 [L3] area of the site which requires an annual subscription of $95.00 inc GST to retrieve the programs anytime during the subscription period.
Note: The programs are updated regularly so do note the version number when updating data.

If you are a subscriber click here to access the programs.

Viability of a Motel Operation: - NEW RELEASE

This program requires minimal input to obtain a comprehensive health check of your motel business. The information required is:

  1. Business title of motel, either Leasehold or Freehold
  2. Whether there is a restaurant operating on the premises
  3. Room types & Tariff
  4. Transpose income and expense figures from your current Profit & Loss

A detailed report on the financial viability and capitalised worth of the motel business is compiled from this information.

There are triggers within the report alerting you to configurations that are outside the accepted guidelines with worksheets assisting you to rectify the situation.

Accountant's have praised the report because it is a valued add-on to their Profit & Loss account you receive each year. You now have the tool to report on the Profit & Loss which takes less than half an hour to insert the information.

Click here for an overview of the system

Assessing 5 Motels:

Allows you to study up to 5 motels. Key in the financials of each motel and the program stores the information allowing you to compare the expenses across the line. Two additional reports explain the logic and viability of each motel business with finance limits. An important feature is the actual figures being shown from the model motel - Aston Hill Motor Lodge Port Macquarie as a final comparison.

click here to view or download a brief on the program

Full Motel Analysis:

Once you have decided on a motel you now have the software to dissect every working part of the motel business. This program is the big daddy of the software offered. It is used for in-depth analysis of the financial structure of the motel business.

It is doubtful that you will have the experience to apply all the logic the program requires  in the input of the information. However, you have the program and it is included at no extra cost to all the other software included in the bundle.

We provide assistance to finish off the input so you can approach your Financial Advisor and Accountant to assess if the motel is for you.

click here to view or download a brief on the program

We have been receiving constant complaints that the software is difficult to down load. This is brought about by the size of the program and the many macros that have been installed within the program. Upon subscription and when you are ready for the program it will have to be emailed to you.

New Motel Assessment:

This program gives you a general idea of what it would cost to construct a conventional motel of up to two-floor levels in brick and either tile or colour bond roofing.

I have inserted most of the costs collected as I assess each construction. Some of the variances are huge due to location and site costs.

Again, at least you now have a program to estimate the cost and project future turnover and expenses for finance application.

click here to view or download a brief on the program

Other Software:

There are several more specialised programs spread through the analysis guide within the site in particular the Business Planner which must be completed when you have decided upon a motel and commence your 3 year plan of operation. click here to view template of Business Plan

The website is designed to allow you do as much as possible yourself to assess the general viability of a motel business before committing to substantial professional fees.

It does not take long to obtain the confidence in assessing a motel business.