Legal & Accounting Aspects

There is no doubt that you cannot purchase a Motel Business without the assistance of an Accountant and Solicitor.

The question is when do you consult with them?

It comes down to your expertise and we hope that you have obtained enough information to understand the complexities of the Industry.

Once your purchasing limits have been established with your preferred financier and you have established what you can get for your money this would be the time to consult with an Accountant  and Solicitor.

If you do not have an Accountant or Solicitor it is best to seek a person or firm that specialises in Motel Acquisitions.
Be diligent here, it is best to be guided by someone who knows the Industry.

Why not telephone some motels and ask the operators for their purchasing experiences.

Finally, it is most likely your Motel Broker can recommend someone.

Motelinfo has a page on Accountants & Solicitors who must have Motel Experience to be on that site.

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