The A-SYSTEM is now incorporated within our new program VIABILITY of your motel an innovative way assess your Motel's capitalised worth and business rating within Motel Industry benchmarks. The program requires minimal input to obtain a comprehensive health check of your motel business. The information required is:

  1. Business title of motel, either Leasehold or Freehold
  2. Whether there is a restaurant operating on the premises
  3. Room types & Tariff
  4. Transpose income and expense figures from your current Profit & Loss

That's it, you now access to comprehensive reports on the financial viability of your motel business. There are triggers within the report alerting you to configurations that are outside the accepted guidelines with worksheets assisting you to rectify the situation. Accountant's have praised the report because it is a valued add-on to their Profit & Loss account you receive each year. You now have the tool to report on the Profit & Loss which takes less than half an hour to insert the information. Click here for an overview of the system We assist in other areas with a think tank combining your knowledge of the motel's SWOT and PEST exercises plus our offering of information collected assessing many other motels over the years.


Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats Once you are aware of these areas you can improve on your Strengths & Opportunities and reduce your exposure to Weaknesses & Threats. I assure you all successful businesses today have similar plans in place to maximise their exposure and operation of the motel business. Another structure is set below for you to contemplate.


Political - Current legislation, Regulatory Bodies, Government Policies Economical - Economy Trends, Market  & Trade Cycles, Customer End-user Drivers, Monetary Issues Social - Lifestyle Trends, Consumer Attitudes & Opinions, Brand, Company & Technology Image Technological - Replacement technology Solutions, Information & Communications, Technology Access


Update 21st August 2017 - Recently I attended a University lecture where i was given information that Google dominates the Hospitality Industry.
This radically changes how we market our motel businesses and I will be reporting further on this as the information is investigated.

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