Articles of Interest

Articles of Interest, collected over the years. To minimise an”Information Overload” all articles sourced are pertinent to operation of motels. Note [L3] is classified information.

A well-done bed

Every successful motel operator knows that the ultimate in bedding is essential to have guests keep coming back. Of course cleanliness and a hot shower with plenty of water is expected. Get the bed right and you will never fail in receiving appreciation from your guest. click here to view or download Article of Interest

Special Package

A special package to check the Viability and Financial Health of your motel is offered. The software assesses the financial viability of a motel warning if the motel falls outside proven Motel Industry Benchmarks. A fixed $250.00 cost assures you that you can obtain this knowledge and then investigate the Industry or improve the profitabilityContinue Reading

Breakthrough on motel valuations

This is really a breakthrough on offering a method to calculate the worth of extending lease periods with a formula on what the extended leases are worth. For it to work the Valuers have to take it on board and apply the formula to their valuation logic. I have applied it to my Motel HealthContinue Reading

Consumer Law and your advertising

Motel operators are always confronted with guests amending or cancelling reservations. This article will assist in determining the ACCC’s view on the correct way to handle this situation. click here to view or download Article of Interest

Seven ways to cut your wage costs

I found this article in the Hospitality Magazine and considered it worth adding due to its direct and simple application to maximise return in providing food & beverage to a motel restaurant. click here to view or download Article of Interest

Business Stuctures

When you are purchasing or selling careful consideration must be taken to what consequences are created in your actions. You cannot think of everything so it makes sense to approach a professional person and discuss your objectives. This article gives you an idea what to do and how important it is to forward plan anyContinue Reading

Why business websites fail

I am currently building a new website for my motel, so over the next few moths as I pick up information I will add it to this area. Incidentally Golden Chain are also rebuilding their website which should be very interesting to see what they come up with. I found this article in the MYOB websiteContinue Reading

Get more guests

I found this article in an on-line booking site Roomz. It made good sense and warrants a read. click here to view or download Article of Interest

7 Fundamentals in your motel

I came across this article on the Hotel and Resort website. When I investigated the site I found a lot more content that is worthwhile considering. Have look at the article which has a link to their website at the bottom of article. click here to view or download Article of Interest

Release of Viability of your motel

Updated 9th October 2017 In 2001 I commenced analysing the motels within the Motel Industry as a Motel Broker. I purchased a motel in 2003 upgrading it to a 4 stars recording every change and all the other changes since that time.. Now Aston Hill Motor Lodge Port Macquarie is available for all to inspect to see howContinue Reading