Cleaning & Maintenance

Cleaning & Maintenance in a Motel is daily affair and can mean the difference between customers leaving in disgust never to be seen again or returning to your motel frequently.

Allergen Information for Loose Foods

I recently carried out an assessment in the UK and came across an article from Roomz. I believe that food allergy warnings should be included in every offering of food prepared from your motel. I will follow this up as I find out what is happening in Australia. click here to view or download Article ofContinue Reading

Absolute Cleanliness – Never Compromise

I cannot emphasize enough on the cleanliness of a motel room and bathroom. Whenever I come across a way to bring about a better end result I add it to my Articles of Interest. click here to view or download Article of Interest

OH&S for Housekeepers

Operations in all areas of the motel are subject to Occupation Health & Safety legislation.(OH&S) In NSW WorkCover overseas this area and as you can imagine it is extremely onerous and the authorities expect you to have knowledge and comply. Do not under-estimate the importance of this compliance which is available to you through AAoAContinue Reading

E. Coli Facts

E. Coli Facts

Anybody who operates a motel must make everyone aware of this fellow. He is within us and can appear if certain disciplines are not in place. The article I have chosen should be printed and given to each staff member to read and be kept in the Housekeepers notes for a reminder. If you use the A-SYSTEMContinue Reading

Cleaning a Motel Shower

Bathroom Application Stripping of severe build up – Use Aqua Strip: in neat solution in a squirt bottle and apply as shown in the diagram on the left hand side of the chart. Daily Application – Diluted at 5:1 as shown on side of an application bottle. You squirt the chemical on by squirt bottle,Continue Reading

What Lurks Beneath

The use of steam as a cleaning process has come of age. click here to view or download Article of Interest

Select the Right Vacuum Cleaner

With different types of vacuum cleaners available on the market today finding the one that is best suited to your property can be little confusing. Vacuum manufacturers are constantly developing designs in order to meet new cleaning challenges. They include daytime cleaning in noise-sensitive areas; having to clean in a very short space of time;Continue Reading