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Motel Assist provides free information to assess the financial viability of  a typical country motel business.
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For those considering entering the Industry:

Start here with a Microsoft Excel software program download –  what is a motel worth? 
About the programs & downloads:
This Microsoft Excel spreadsheet assesses the performance and capitalised value of a typical motel business.
Instructions step you through the program…  place the income you would like to receive from a motel business and see what combination of rooms and occupancy you need to achieve this!

Downloads are created in .pdf files can be downloaded with free software from Adobe Reader Click here to down load the free program

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For those in the Industry:

Information designed to improve a motel business, most importantly more explicit information to maximise the asset value when it is time to sell.

View Motel Financial Health Check a program that analyses the financial health of your motel business. For a preview of Motel Financial Health Check click here

For those supplying Services and Products to the Industry:

Another website motelinfo is there to accommodate this with a comprehensive database of motels and preferred suppliers to those motels.

Guests of the motels have been included who often purchase beds, tables etc due to receiving a good experience from those brands. The Guests join in on a purchase, even  a bulk purchase with the motels at a huge discounted price direct from the manufacturer.

Appreciation to the team at  Accommodation Association of Australia AAoA who greatly assist the Industry with valuable information on all the legislative issues.

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